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In the piece, the artist proposed a solo at the homes of the inhabitants of a city, using an ingenious means of communication, placing a small classified ad in local papers or posting a sign on the notice boards of certain stores,

“Choreographic artist seeks someone willing to host a dance project in his or her home, gratis. The project will require two hours of availability. For more informa- tion, please call 06 ...”

Then, after an initial phone call Latifa Laâbissi would go to the person’s house, to meet and to choose the space which would be used for the dance. She would change nothing in its furnishings or arrangements, would spend time in the space, take it over and also invite her host to attend – or not – the fulfillment of her proposal.
Latifa Laâbissi was accompanied in this project by Sophie Laly and Jocelyn Cottencin who shot films and photographs which also created material for the project. Screenings and showings were also organised in some of the hosts’ homes, creating an opportunity for the artistic team, the hots and their guests to meet each other.
The project took other forms as well: invitations to other artists or theoreticians (Constantin Petcou and Doina Petrescu – association AAA, Emmanuelle Chérel, Nadia Lauro...), moving the experimental venue for dance into a public space, or video and photographic installations.


    Choreography and performance : Latifa Laâbissi
    Artist/ graphic artist : Jocelyn Cottencin
    Artist/ videographer : Sophie Laly
    Art historian : Emmanuelle Chérel
    Exhibition curator : Nathalie Travers


    Production : 391
    Coproduction : MultiPistes

    In Rennes, created in 2004 under the auspices of Allotopies > Rennes
    Production :
    station mobile

    In Rennes, created between february to june 2007
    Production :
    Coproduction :
    la criée centre d’art contemporain and station mobile

    In Bordeaux, created between november 2006 and march 2007
    Production :
    Coproduction : TNT – Bordeaux

    In Rabat, created between october 2007 and march 2008
    With support from
    Culturesfrance, the city of Rennes, the French embassy in Morocco, l’appartement 22 and the éditions hors’champs

    Photo Credit :
    © Jocelyn Cottencin