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Autoarchive is a performed conference, a theory in movement, or the movement of a theory dealing with the issues I confront in my own work, its roots, its sources, with the idea of rendering visible and tangible the experience of the imagination in the choreographic process. It is also the exploration of a production linguistic, experimentation with an atypical sort of grammar whose accents and twists affect our perception. Indeed, it is a strategy of taking something apart, deconstructing and de-hierarchising the rhetoric of a learned discourse on the body. The base is my auto-archive, and the deployment of this mobile theory uses the lecture form like a projectionist’s screen, a sensitive, reflective surface, by manipulating different scales of representation: clues, commentary, enigma, analogy, allegory, live excerpts of repertory works or simple exercises linked to everyday dance work. This heterogenous ensemble creates an improbable score demanding a performative commitment which is both intense and monstruous. /Latifa Laâbissi


    Conception and performance : Latifa Laâbissi
    Sound :
    Cristian Sotomayor


    Date of creation : 2013
    Running time : 60 minutes approximately

    Figure Project

    Coproduction : École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nantes Métropole (ESBANM)

    Photo Credit :
    © Ludovic Le Couster